YouTube video: Lugosi - The Dark Prince

A new 35-minute documentary called "Lugosi: The Dark Prince" shedding additional light on Bela Lugosi's career and the effect "Dracula" had on his future endeavors. It also discusses quite nicely why Lugosi was so perfect for the part and that it was no accident that his portrayal becomes so iconic that even 75 years later every child and adult will immediately see his likeness in their mind's eye when they think of the vampire count.
Sketches the career of the Hungarian-born actor. The movie Dracula catapulted Lugosi to success, but his fortunes went downhill from there. Although he got a few more good roles for example, in The Black Cat (1934) and as Ygor in Son of Frankenstein (1939) these soon gave way to B movies like Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) and finally to ultra-low-budget Ed Wood films like Bride of the Monster (1955). It was a big problem for Lugosi that people couldn't hear him speak without thinking of Dracula.

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