Két vers Lugosi Bélatól!

Ezt a két angol nyelvű versikét találtam Lugosi MySpace oldalán. A blog-bejegyzés szerzője állítja, hogy az eredeti versek magyar nyelven íródtak. Én nem tudok magyar nyelvű Lugosi versekről, de persze ettől még nem elképzelhetetlen. Egyébként az is mellette szól, hogy az elsőt Violetta Napierska-hoz írta, akivel még budapesti évei alatt találkozgatott (ha jól emlékszem) A második pedig Lillian-nek szól, gyermeke anyjának és akkor íródott, amikor az asszony elhagyta őt. Mindkettő egy-egy kis különlegesség...

My Darling Violetta,

Slumber envelops your beautiful face

And a dream grips your soul in embrace;

I will guard you.

You are my dream every night, every day,

And regardless of where you might stay,

I will seek you.

Then, when you want to forget all the world,

And fly to my arms like a bird,

I will love you.



Dear Lillian,
Leave me - if you can.
If you think you have the strength to do it.
Don't even be sorry; don't be sorry for me - go!
Only then be very careful that you can forget;
Be very careful that on one strange evening,
From out of our past, something does not return - a tune,
Or just one remembered kiss,
Because that will be your end - you killed yourself!
Find peace. I will hold your hands with love,
For I still love you.
Don't be afraid. Your road ahead is no longer a dream I share.
I will not hold you back - it would be useless. And why?!
Destiny demands it for everyone.
But if once you yearn for the fire we had,
And if some day the longing in your heart does not stay - only
Cooled ashes which don't warm you anymore, but do not blind you,
It will hurt you to know that you killed someone.
But while you are here and are mine, I hear and see you!
You should never know that even now in my soul I bless you!
Be loved - love!
In spite of my tears.
May God help you to forget in a hurry,
But don't wait until all my tears are wrung out;
Leave me - if you can,