Karlof, Chaney Jr. és Peter Lorre egy sorozat-epizódban

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Eddig még semmit nem tudtam erről a sorozatról (most sem sokkal többet) melyben a három horrorfilmes veterán is feltűnik.


Classic TV episode that features Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr. and Peter Lorre reprises classic horror roles. They play aging horror actors (natch) who debate on whether the old monsters can still scare 'em or not. See Karloff don the Frankenstein monster make-up one last time and Chaney appears as The Mummy and his "baby" The Wolf Man as well as re-creating his father's Quasimodo character. This re-mastered eposode includes original sponsorship spots too from Chevrolet and Bayer Aspirin!

The other two episodes are Walter Matthau guesting on ELEVEN, THE HARD WAY and James Caan in AND THE CAT JUMPED OVER THE MOON. This classic TV show starred Martin Milner and Geoge Maharis.

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