Thomas Webb: klasszikus szörny-festmények

Katt a nagyobb képekért!

I wanted to paint monsters, so I did.
I chose many of the classics.
I painted them in color, pretty much the color you think they are, with some exceptions... I could get away with it because like the dinosaurs, we’ve never really seen them in color...they were black and white movies.

I distorted them to match the image I have of them in my memory. Frankenstein has a big head, the bride of Frankenstein has Marge Simpson hair with that wild streak of white, the Phantom has a big forehead and really big eyes.

Some of the pictures won’t look distorted because you make the same distortions in your memory. Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula doesn’t really have a widows peak.
But, when it comes down to an artist statement I'll keep it simple...

I wanted to paint monsters, so I did.