The Sideshow (1928)

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sideshow 1928

sideshow 1928

sideshow 1928

A filmet még nem láttam, csak ezt a pár múlt század eleji posztert találtam, ami felkeltette az érdeklődésemet. Érdekessége a filmnek, hogy egy rövid jelenet erejéig Schlitzie (Freaks) is feltűnik benne. Eddig nem is tudtam, hogy más filmben is szerepelt. No majd még utánanézek...

Még némi info:
"The Sideshow" is a silent film and was last screened, I believe, at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in July 2005. It is not available on any modern format. Verification, then, that Schlitzie is indeed in this film must come from someone who's actually seen the film and is familiar with Schlitzie's face, size and mannerisms to be able to spot him.
The film was released 11 Dec 1928 and was believed to have been shot late that year. Quoting from a 1929 review of the film: "In fact the whole Al G. Barnes outfit was used [as a backdrop for the film] both in its winter quarters and on tour. Views of circus life, the means of transportation, living quarters, superstitions of performers and highlights of existence under canvas are shown.... Ralph Graves has blazed a new trail of characterizations as the ballyhoo artist.... The way he introduces the freaks and draws people into the show is worth seeing."

Queenie Parker, the junior member of a family trapeze act, is forced to find work in a sideshow when her parents become too old to perform. Assisting a fakir in a basket trick, Queenie is resentful of her lowly status, and the sideshow freaks make her life miserable. A series of accidents befall the sideshow (a trapeze breaks; a pay wagon explodes), and P. W. Melrose, the midget who owns the sideshow, comes to suspect barker Ted Rogers of trying to sabotage the outfit. Queenie, however, discovers that the fakir is the culprit employed by a rival circus to put Melrose out of business. Melrose kills the fakir, and Rogers is cleared. Having fallen in love with Queenie, Melrose must nevertheless stand by--a sad, mute witness to her love for Rogers.

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