Vault of Horror

The Cross of FrankensteinDracula and the Virgins of the UndeadDracula UnbornDracula in LoveThe Dracula TapeAn Old Friend of the Family
The Holmes-Dracula FileThe Second Hammer Horror Film OmnibusThe Hammer Horror Film OmnibusNight of the CrabsDraco the Dragon ManThe Orgy of Bubastis
The Undying MonsterLegend of the WerewolfBook of the WerewolfThe Son of the WerewolfReturn of the WerewolfWerewolf by Moonlight
Frankenstein Meets DraculaBones of FrankensteinTerror of FrankensteinFrankenstein Lives AgainThe Dracula ArchivesBloodstalk

Vault of Horror, a set by NRJP on Flickr.


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